Your Benefits in Detail


Due to the optimised disc design, leading to a shorter outlet section.


Due to the polygon ­connection, stiffer disc and blow-out protection.


Due to the optimised Kvs values and ease of servicing, enabling more compact ­systems. Can be fully insulated.

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For significant optimisation and a flow with less turbulence and vibration.

  • Optimised disc in three different designs (single shaft, curved, HEXO honeycomb).
  • The improved design of the liner contour ensures a firm grip inside the body, and both the disc and the liner are replaceable.
  • A wide range of appropriately certified liner materials are available for a variety of applications and temperature ranges.
  • The shaft end is designed as a square. Thanks to the standardised connection to ISO 5211, users profit from an uncomplicated design with a gearbox and either an electric or a pneumatic actuator.
  • Up to DN 200, the hollow spindle for an optional thermal gauge is standard.
  • Blow-out protection according to DIN EN 593 and API609 is provided as standard in the form of a stem lock washer, which is screwed tight to the top flange.
  • The connection between the shaft and the disc is designed as a form-fitting polygon for optimum torque transmission.

Additional performance:

  • Option 1 - industrial version:
    - Robust and durable thanks to cast lever and metallic notched plate
    - Applications: e.g. outdoor installations

  • Option 2 – cold temperature version:
    - For use in temperature ranges down to -20°C
    - Body made from 5.3103 (EN-JS1049)
    - Screws and bracket made of stainless steel
    - Internal parts (stem and pivot) made of 1.4571

  • Option 3 – seawater execution:
    - Liner made from seawater-resistant NBR
    - Disc made from Superduplex (1.4469)

Polygonal Shaft-Disc Connection


The connection between the shaft and the disc is designed as a form-fitting polygon for optimum torque transmission. The disc and liner are simple to replace because the polygon is self-centring and no additional fixing pin is required. A flat surface ensures the discharging of air when the shaft is inserted into the disc, for even easier installation.


  • New polygonal connection guarantees maximum reliability.
  • Designed as a form-fitting polygon for optimum torque transmission.
  • Design rules out any notching effect.
  • Easy servicing because the liner and disc are simple to replace.


The strong Trio for Industry

Optimised for more challenging applications:
ZESA®/GESA® butterfly valves industrial version
with cast lever and metallic notched plate

ARI butterfly valves ZESA®/GESA® in industrial version combine
the advantages of the safe and robust ZIVA® industrial valve with
the innovative product features of the optimised product range.


  • Energy efficiency: Significantly better KVS values than those of the former ZESA/GESA/ZIVA versions
  • Maximum process reliability: Shaft and disc are connected by a secure polygon
  • Optimised stability: Long service life thanks to optimised stability of the entire shaft and disc design
  • Better, corrosion-resistant coating: C3 instead of C2 coating based on DIN EN ISO 12944-5
  • Shaft end equipped with a square: The standardised connection form in accordance with ISO 5211 offers uncomplicated, subsequent installation of a control element
  • Better handling when replacing liner: Weight reduction for the large nominal sizes
  • Robust and durable for more demanding applications: Industrial version optionally with cast lever and metallic notched plate
  • Cold temperature version: Optional for temperatures down to -20°C


ZESA®/GESA® NEXTG3N Applications

Areas of application in HVAC (Standard version)

  • Air conditioning and cold water applications, e.g. in data centers
  • Heating systems
  • Drinking water systems
  • Heat and cooling transfer stations

Areas of application in industry (Industrial version)

  • Compressed air systems
  • Cooling loops in the process industry
  • Combined heat and power plants
  • Swimming pool technology
  • Solar thermal systems
  • Biogas plants
  • Seawater applications
  • Various industrial applications